Review Policy


  • I will receive books in the following formats: physical, ebooks, and audiobooks
  • Genres I like to read: Fantasy, Young Adult, Nonfiction, General Fiction, Historical Fiction, Supernatural/Paranormal
  • Genres I DO not like to read: Adult Romance, Horror
  • If you’d like to send me an ARC, I will post in on my blog (unless you would rather I not publish a negative review of the book). I will commit to a reading time/reviewing time of 2 weeks from the time I receive the book.
  • The best way to contact me is by email:
  • I will respond to every request, but not always positively.
  • I am open to receiving ARCs from indie publishers and self-published authors
  • I will typically crosspost reviews to Amazon, Audible (if they are audiobooks), and Goodreads.


5 stars: I LOVED it. I cannot think of any criticisms to give this book. I would definitely reread it and recommend it.

4 stars: I really liked it! There were a couple faults that I found in this book and I would probably recommend it and probably reread it.

3 stars: I liked it, and enjoyed reading it. However, my feelings on the book are that it is kind of mediocre; either the style was just not my jam or I found a couple of blatant faults with the book.

2 stars: I disliked it. I read the entire book but I just could not get behind the plot/ the structure/ the characters/ the takeaway message of the book. I would not recommend this book.

1 star: I had to struggle to even read the whole book.