book review, play, reread

Reread: The Glass Menagerie

AUTHOR: Tennessee Williams

GENRE: tragedy, drama

WHERE DID I GET THIS BOOK: from the lovely people at my local Half Price Books! It is obviously used and has since had tea spilled on it, writings scribbled in its margins, and its cover torn. đŸ˜¦

WHY DID I (RE)READ IT: for English class

RATING: 5/5 stars

THOUGHTS: I was quite excited when I looked at the syllabus for my English class and I saw that I would have the opportunity to read The Glass Menagerie. First of all, I love Tennessee Williams and I strive to read more of his works. And second of all, it is the kind of play that you can read again and again and still get something new from it each time.

This is the story of the Wingfields, a family struggling to get along in New York City. There are three main characters, each caught up in their own world of dreams, fantasies, and illusions. It is set in the middle of the Great Depression, a time when the American middle class was completely stagnant. The feeling of being trapped is also pretty relevant throughout the play.


I adore Menagerie not just because it is riddled with poetic devices and creative license, not just because it is experimental and avant garde, but because of the attention to detail that the playwright gives to this play, especially in the stage directions. I felt as though if you watched this play only, you would miss some of it because the stage directions tat Williams gives are detailed and adds layers to the story beyond the dialogue, which is a weird twist but not an unwelcome one.

In sum, if you enjoy well written drama, the combining of forms (play, poems, short story even?), and can appreciate the art and methodology that goes into creating a story, this is a must-read for you.